Small Batch Gin

Estuary Gin 700ml


Our Estuary Gin (37.5% abv) is inspired by the legend of the Sea Witch, Sarah Moore. The 700ml bottle contains a beautiful blend of Sea Buckthorn, Rock Samphire, Rose and Poppy, with foundations of Juniper, Coriander and Citrus. By choosing Leigh Spirit Co, you are supporting local businesses and the Shark Trust Foundation.

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Small Batch Gin

From Botanicals to Bottle

Juniper, the signature ingredient of gin, infuses the spirit with an unmistakable piney flavour while coriander and citrus peel add depth to the final product.
small batch gin leigh spirit co estuary gin product

Small Batch Gin

Discover Our Artfully Crafted Bottles

Our bottle is both simple and elegant.

The proprietary hand-drawn artwork is built on the legend of Sarah Moore, whilst the inner label portrays a map of where the story began, the Essex port of Leigh-on-Sea.

The red and white crab crest is a homage to the two families that used to go crabbing with their children in Leigh-on-Sea and, and on one such trip, founded Leigh Spirit Co.

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Small Batch Gin

The Legend Behind Our Spirits

Listen closely to the tales of the ancient sea witch, Sarah Moore, who once dwelled by the estuary in Old Leigh. It is said that she possessed the power to foretell the future and would sell sailors a favourable wind for a mere penny in payment. The wind would be bound to string, which the sailors could untie to summon the wind’s power. One knot would unleash a gentle breeze, two knots would summon a strong wind, and three would unleash the fury of a storm.

Legend has it that when a foreign captain forbade his crew from seeking the witch’s aid, Sarah Moore flew into a rage and summoned The Great Storm of the Estuary. The tempest shook the vessel to its core and the sailors were powerless to lower the sails. As they cried out in despair, fearing the witch’s wrath, the captain fearlessly stepped forward and with three mighty strokes of his axe, cut down the mast, saving the ship from certain doom.

The storm immediately ceased and upon their return to Leigh on Sea, they discovered the lifeless body of Sarah Moore on Bell Wharf, bearing the marks of three fatal axe wounds.

Small Batch Gin

The Creative Mind of Our Designer

Local artist Karen Cairns conjured up the artwork for our gin bottle. Her signature style, a combination of pen, ink and watercolour, captures the tale of Sarah Moore.

Visit Karen Cairns’ website to delve deeper into her beautiful illustrations:

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small batch gin leigh spirit co estuary gin outside

Small Batch Gin

Preserving Our Oceans

We are passionately committed to ensuring we leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Reducing, reusing and recycling are key to ensuring a healthier world for all.

We proudly support the Shark Trust, which promotes species protection, fisheries management and responsible trade.

Our dedication to conservation is reflected in the design of our bottles, each bearing striking illustrations of the creatures that call our local estuary home.

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