Small Batch Rum UK

Old Leigh Gold Rum 700ml


Old Leigh Gold Rum small batch spirits (38%) blend unaged and 3-5 year aged rums from The Dominican Republic, Barbados and Guyana. Our 700ml bottle pays homage to the smuggling past of Old Leigh and features a beautiful Thornback Ray illustration by the talented artist Emma Jones. By choosing Leigh Spirit Co, you are supporting local businesses and the Shark Trust Foundation.

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Small Batch Rum UK

From Distillery to Bottle

The unaged rums are created with a pot still and precisely fused with aged rums that have been matured in oak barrels to produce a golden hue and an intense flavour.

The blend is left to rest, allowing the flavours to meld together. This is then filtered to provide a golden, smooth and delicious spirit.

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Small Batch Rum UK

Discover Our Artfully Crafted Bottles

Our 700ml bottle has been designed to stand out on the shelf. The double-sided front label displays an art panel that showcases a Thornback Ray, one of many creatures that can be found in the Thames estuary around Leigh-on-Sea. The inner label reveals a map of Old Leigh, the centre of rum smuggling in the area. 

The red and white crab crest is a homage to the two families that used to go crabbing with their children in Leigh on Sea and, on and one such trip, founded Leigh Spirit Co.

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Small Batch Rum UK

The Legend Behind Our Spirits

Old Leigh, a historic fishing village in Essex has a colourful and notorious history of smuggling. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the town was a hub for illegal smuggling of goods such as tea, tobacco and most notably, rum. The town’s location on the coast made it a prime spot for smugglers to unload their illicit cargo and distribute it throughout the region.

Smugglers would use a network of secret tunnels and caves, some of which still exist today, to transport goods into and out of the town undetected by the authorities. The smuggling trade brought wealth to some of the town’s residents but it also fueled violence and corruption.

Visitors to the famous seaside town can explore the fascinating history of the town’s smugglers through tours, exhibits and local products, such as our gold rum, which pays tribute to the town’s illicit past.

Small Batch Rum UK

The Creative Mind of Our Designer

With her studio nestled in the heart of South London, Emma Jones is a renowned freelance illustrator whose skillful work spans a range of artistic techniques, from hand-drawn illustrations to printmaking and painting. With a rich background in wildlife conservation and set design, her pieces often reflect a stunning combination of natural history and architecture.

Drawing from her distinctive style, we commissioned Emma to create an exquisite black and white ink illustration of the Thornback Ray for our label. The result of this creative process is an intricate work of art that perfectly complements our other distinguished rums (White and Aged), forming a cohesive trio of tasty spirits.

Delve deeper into Emma’s amazing work and discover the magic behind her craft:

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Small Batch Rum UK

Preserving Our Oceans

We are passionately committed to ensuring we leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Reducing, reusing and recycling are key to ensuring a healthier world for all.

We proudly support the Shark Trust, which promotes species protection, fisheries management and responsible trade.

Our dedication to conservation is reflected in the design of our bottles, each bearing striking illustrations of the creatures that call our local estuary home.

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