Small Batch Vodka

Crowstone Vodka 700ml


Our small batch vodka (40% abv) presented in a tall 700ml bottle is handcrafted in the UK using the finest British grains. By choosing Leigh Spirit Co, you are supporting local businesses and the Shark Trust Foundation.

Small Batch Vodka

From Distillery to Bottle

Crowstone Vodka uses British farmed grains, potatoes and fruits which are distilled and filtered into a beautifully clear, and wonderfully smooth spirit.

small batch vodka leigh spirit co crowstone vodka artwork

Small Batch Vodka

Discover Our Artfully Crafted Bottles​

Featuring hand-drawn artwork of the legendary Crowstone surrounded by a murder of crows, the interior label boasts a map of the Estuary, revealing the exact location of the historical landmark. The red and white crab crest is a homage to the two families that used to go crabbing with their children in Leigh on Sea and, on and one such trip, founded Leigh Spirit Co.
small batch vodka leigh spirit co crowstone vodka crow

Small Batch Vodka

The Legend Behind Our Spirits

The Crowstone obelisk stands in the Estuary, marking the point at which the Port of London Authority stops and Southend-on-Sea begins.

small batch vodka leigh spirit co crowstone vodka artwork bottle

Small Batch Vodka

The Creative Mind of Our Designer​

The proprietary artwork capturing the Crowstone in black and white was created by the talented local artist Karen Cairns using a combination of pen, ink and watercolour.

Visit Karen Cairns’ website to delve deeper into her beautiful illustrations:

small batch vodka leigh spirit co crowstone vodka side

Small Batch Vodka

Preserving Our Oceans

We are passionately committed to ensuring we leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Reducing, reusing and recycling are key to ensuring a healthier world for all.

We proudly support the Shark Trust, which promotes species protection, fisheries management and responsible trade.

Our dedication to conservation is reflected in the design of our bottles, each bearing striking illustrations of the creatures that call our local estuary home.

Learn more here:

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